Operating Model Refinement for Liner Shipping Company


The client, a top 10 liner company, had integrated multiple liner companies over the years, leading to process variation and inconsistent business management practices. The lack of a common operating model created inefficiencies, collaboration challenges, and hindered the company from maximizing its potential.


Over 8 weeks, our project team undertook a comprehensive global review of the client’s operating practices. We examined collaboration models, processes, roles, responsibilities, performance management practices, and gauged the company’s execution capabilities. In addition to regional on-site reviews, we conducted quantitative and qualitative surveys and performed in-depth data analysis and benchmarking.


Working closely with the global leadership team, we developed a new operating model encompassing a standardized organizational blueprint, a streamlined process landscape, and an effective framework for managing performance and processes. The design of the operating model was tailored to meet the specific needs and goals of the client, enabling greater efficiency, improved collaboration, and unlocked their full performance potential.

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