Digitalization Roadmap for Bulk Operator’s Business Goals


Post a strategic review, the company aimed at advancing its digitalization but was unsure about the most effective approach and organization. While the company had sophisticated IT and data capabilities, it needed to leverage digital technologies to optimize its business processes and improve integrations with customers and stakeholders.


We collaborated with the client to align the digitalization goals with the overall business strategy. We evaluated the current digital maturity level of the company and developed a roadmap for digitalization. We designed the organizational structure and internal processes needed to bridge the gap between the current and desired states of digitalization.


We provided a comprehensive digitalization roadmap, supported by an organizational design for the digital team. We developed a capability map to differentiate in-house competencies and determine what needed to be sourced externally. We established innovation and governance processes, enabling strategic technology choices for fast, iterative solution design. Our strategic approach set the company on the right path towards achieving their ambitious digitalization goals.

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