We offer

Strategic Growth and Digital Mastery in Maritime Operations

Consulting Excellence for Strategic Growth: In an evolving maritime industry, challenges like digital disruption and climate change are forefront. Our comprehensive consulting approach prioritizes revenue generation and strategic growth. With our deep understanding of maritime operations, we guide shipping companies to seize digital opportunities, ensuring resilience, innovation, and sustainable profitability.


Digital Solutions for Operational Efficiency: Advance your maritime operations with our digital tools, powered by AI and innovative low-code platforms. These solutions drive efficiency, reducing expenses and eliminating waste. The outcome is not only smoother operations but also enhanced revenue. As your digital ally, we make sure your maritime business is ready for the future, stays competitive, and continues to lead in revenue growth. Discover how Shipster can elevate your operations.


Project & Change Management

Adapting to change quickly and efficiently gives us the edge in the unpredictable shipping business.
With our project and change management expertise, we don’t just adapt; we turn changes into opportunities and earn from every challenge!

Strategic Project Oversight: We ensure each project is strategically aligned and efficiently executed, optimizing ROI and driving your business success.

• Change Management: Our approach mitigates disruptions and accelerates organizational adaptation and growth during transformations.

• Customized Management Frameworks: Our tailored frameworks meet your unique business needs, securing your strategic objectives and boosting operational efficiency.


Operational Excellence

In the ever-changing maritime world, operational excellence is your key to navigating market shifts and uncertainties. It is a strategy that leads to success.

Proven Process Optimization: We’ve successfully refined and streamlined workflows for numerous clients, eliminating bottlenecks and elevating operational efficiency.

Innovative Automation Solutions: Our track record in implementing intuitive and impactful automation speaks volumes about our commitment to enhancing your business workflows.

Customer Service Optimization: Our dedicated team prioritizes your needs, guiding and supporting you every step of the way in your journey toward operational transformation.

Commercial Excellence

In the competitive realm of shipping, making commercial excellence a top priority is the bedrock of your business. 

Pricing and revenue: We use advanced analytics to unlock revenue opportunities

Sales: Our proven strategies optimize your sales, enhancing your product’s market presence

E-commerce integration: We are expanding your customer reach, and helping your business to transition to online platforms.

Asset Strategy

In a sector full of challenges, effective asset strategy is your gateway to success. It’s about making optimal choices in newbuilds, secondhand vessels, or time charters. The Shipping Collective is more than a guide, we are your strategic ally!

• We craft superior acquisition strategies to maximize value and manage disposals for optimal returns, enhancing your financial position and profitability.

Assessment of risk is a key part of our asset strategy, we help to protect your assets and ensure compliance to prevent unexpected issues. 

• We guide you in managing vessel disposal, ensuring you get the best value and returns at the end of your asset’s lifecycle.

Organizing for effectiveness

Optimized structures and streamlined processes are essential for profitable shipping outcomes. With The Shipping Collective, this transformation becomes your edge.

  • Operating Model Assessment: Analyze structures and tech for revenue optimization.
  • Organizational Blueprint: Design roles to align with profitable growth.
  • Process Excellence: Streamline operations for consistent, revenue-driven results.

Digital Solutions

AI & Low Code

We build innovative digital solutions 5X faster using low-code development & AI, rapidly turning ideas into user-friendly applications with the help of robust technology partners like Siemens Mendix and Valcon

Product Development: Use our low-code expertise to speed up the development of scalable, robust applications, customizing solutions using your intellectual property or ours. 

Platform: Pioneer in workflow automation solutions for liner and tramp sectors with our innovative platforms, propelling transformative shifts in the industry. 

Prototyping: Validate and mitigate technology risks swiftly with our prototyping services, crafting viable solutions within days to secure the success of your digital endeavors.


In the maritime realm, digital innovation is a game-changer. Shipster, our platform tailored for medium-sized shipping firms, transforms operations with AI-driven precision. Dive into smarter decision-making and rise above the competition with our subscription model.

  • Efficiency & Automation: With Shipster’s AI tools, automate routine tasks and enhance operations without the overhead of hiring costly developers.
  • Data-Driven Decisions: A unified dashboard provides real-time shipping data and AI insights, ensuring performance boosts based on informed choices.
  • Agile Solutions: Shipster’s low-code platform allows teams to swiftly deploy tailored applications, adapting seamlessly to market shifts.