IT Revamp for Business Strategy in Medium-Sized Shipping Company


The shipping company was struggling with outdated technology systems, leading to poor data availability and quality, and weak data integration capabilities. The company had no forward-looking IT roadmap, poor IT security measures, and no master data governance, impairing its digitalization journey.


We initiated a comprehensive review and redesign of the IT organization and governance processes. The company’s enterprise architecture was redesigned for future readiness. We ensured that the IT roadmap was owned by the leadership team, understanding its crucial role in shaping the business strategy. Data capabilities were integrated as a key component of the IT roadmap, and master data governance processes were established.


The updated IT organization was more in tune with the business needs, offering enhanced data integration capabilities. Data became a valuable resource for the company, aiding insights and decision-making. IT security capabilities were substantially improved, equipping the company with the confidence to proceed in its digitalization journey with a robust and secure IT roadmap.

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