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We have trained thousands of shipping people

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You gain insights from our trainers, who have all worked in shipping and are familiar with our industry challenges.


Our courses are built for shipping people, featuring relevant case studies and current industry insights.


You will be learning in an environment with like-minded people, with whom you can network and draw experiences.

Featured Courses

Process Management as a Competitive Lever

Executives, Senior Managers, Department Leaders

1-day classroom course

Upon completing this one-day course, you'll understand how Process Management can help and will be empowered to enhance process performance in your company.

Process Management and Continuous Improvement

Department Heads, Managers of Teams,Team Leaders

2 ½ days classroom course

In 2 ½ days your team leadership will be transformed. You will be trained in simple and powerful process management tools and concepts.

Improve Processes through Projects

Project Managers, Process Improvement Managers, Optimization Managers

1 week classroom course

In one week, you will be trained in the essential Lean Six Sigma tools relevant for shipping and when returning to the office be able to improve processes and lead the change.

our Shipping Academy options

We can help you whether you are joining our courses as an individual, with your entire team or require a comprehensive enterprise academy solution.

Individual Option

Courses for

For individuals looking to join an engaging learning environment with other people from the shipping industry.

Group Option

Courses for

For entire teams from the same company, looking for a dedicated learning environment and team building opportunity.

Enterprise option

Courses for

A tailormade course curriculum, white-labeled Shipping Academy as a full enterprise solution.

Our trainers are experienced shipping people

And we have trained thousands of shipping people all over the world.

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Unsure about the right course? Let us guide you through our courses to find the ideal one for yourself, your team, and/or your entire organization.

All of our trainers have a background in specific areas within the shipping sector. For detailed information, check our team overview here

Our Shipping Academy courses are crafted by seasoned shipping experts with real-world experience. We use relevant case studies and interactive learning methods to ensure that every participant can effectively apply their new knowledge

We continuously update our course materials and teaching methods to reflect the latest developments in the shipping industry. Our close ties with industry leaders and ongoing involvement in shipping operations provide us with insights into emerging trends and best practices. This commitment to currency ensures that our courses deliver the most relevant and effective training, preparing participants to meet today’s challenges head-on.

Our courses are designed by shipping insiders who deeply understand the industry’s specific needs and challenges. We ensure that our training is directly relevant to your daily operations, equipping you or your entire team with the tools needed to excel in the role.

We offer a wide range of courses that cover key aspects of shipping operations, including process management, leadership development, and strategic execution. Each course is tailored to meet the diverse needs of professionals within the shipping industry, from entry-level employees to senior executives.

Companies should choose our Shipping Academy because we tailor our courses to bridge knowledge gaps specifically in the shipping industry. We provide practical, actionable training that translates into real-world success, ensuring that employees not only learn but also implement strategies that support your company’s goals.

Absolutely. One of our core strengths is our ability to customize courses to meet your organization’s specific requirements. Whether it’s adapting content to address particular challenges or scaling a program to accommodate different levels of expertise, our aim is to deliver training that perfectly aligns with your strategic objectives.

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Unsure about the right course? Let us guide you through our course programs to find the ideal one for yourself, your team, and/or your entire organization.

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