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Unlocking the maritime sector’s digital potential is paramount. Our experts propel digitalization, revolutionizing operations and igniting innovation.

Digital Solutions: Empowering Maritime Evolution

In a landscape shaped by Artificial Intelligence (AI), Workflow Automation, and low-code technology, the maritime industry stands poised for its own digital renaissance.

Yet, manual processes, outdated systems, and limited automation persist in many shipping firms, stifling productivity and growth. This conundrum impedes innovation and hampers overall business outcomes.

At The Shipping Collective, our mission is clear: to reshape this narrative. We are committed to propelling the maritime sector into a new era of digitalization, optimizing operations, unlocking innovative insights, and cementing a sustainable

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Digital Solutions: Accelerated Innovation with Low Code 

Experience the transformative power of low-code development for rapid business application creation. We offer seamless, visual-based solutions using leading platforms.

In the realm of digital solutions, low-code development stands as a revolutionary force. Imagine constructing robust, scalable business applications up to five times faster than traditional methods, all without extensive programming expertise. This precisely defines our offering at The Shipping Collective. Our low-code approach serves as a catalyst, swiftly and intuitively transforming intricate concepts into functional applications. Leveraging visual models and user-friendly drag-and-drop components, we simplify the design, construction, and implementation of innovative solutions. Our proficiency lies in platforms like Mendix, enabling us to fashion adaptable and scalable IT solutions. Should the need arise, we seamlessly integrate these solutions with other systems, crafting modern interfaces that prioritize user-friendliness. 

The essence of low-code lies in its ability to actively involve business users in development and validation. This fosters quicker feedback loops, leading to solutions finely tailored to your needs. Designed for the cloud, our solutions are effortlessly manageable and updatable. 

Our Offerings: 

Product Development: Harnessing low-code technologies, we expedite product creation by fivefold, using either your intellectual property or ours. 

Prototyping: Partner with us to significantly mitigate technology risks by prototyping solutions within days. 

Platform: Join the vanguard of workflow automation solutions in the liner and tramp sectors, driving transformative industry shifts.

Revolutionize with Shipster: Your Digital Advantage 

In the competitive maritime world, digital capability is key. Shipster, our platform for medium-sized shipping firms, offers AI solutions for efficient operations and smart decisions. Subscribe to level up against competitors.

Tailor-Made Digital Solutions for SMEs: The Shipping Collective presents a unique, tailored solution – Shipster. Our scalable digital platform serves as the backbone for small to medium-sized shipping companies. 

Customization for Your Unique Needs: Recognizing each business’s distinct challenges, Shipster offers adaptable, custom solutions that precisely fit your organization’s requirements. 


Unlocking Shipster’s Capabilities:

Scaling without Overhead: Leverage Shipster’s AI tools for rapid innovation. Bypass costly developers; existing teams optimize operations and routes.

Automate and Excel: Shipster’s AI assistants handle routine tasks, freeing staff for value-driven work. Automate tasks and optimize for greater efficiency.

Informed Decision-Making: Access real-time shipping data and AI insights via a unified dashboard. Enhance performance with informed decisions.

Agile Solution Creation: Empower teams to create tailored applications with Shipster’s low-code platform. Visual workflows ensure swift deployment.

Future-Ready Tech: Build agility with Shipster’s innovative tech stack, swiftly adapting to market changes and unlocking new revenue streams. 

Democratizing Digital Access: Our subscription democratizes tech for cost-constrained firms, enabling rivalry with larger counterparts.

Maritime Excellence Gateway: For a reasonable fee, Shipster provides a digital team, boosting maritime services and digital transformation

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