IT System Implementation for International Shipping Company


A medium-sized shipping company faced the daunting challenge of transitioning from an outdated legacy system to modern technology. Their existing system was unsupported and was a roadblock in their digitization journey. The project required careful management and coordination across various departments, but the company lacked the internal resources and expertise for successful execution.


We created an exhaustive plan covering the technical, human, and process aspects of the IT system implementation. We used a structured change management methodology to guide the company through the transformation journey. We prioritized data migration, ensuring the accurate transfer of information to the new system, and worked closely with the client to define necessary adjustments to their organizational structure for effective change management.


The company now operates with a modern IT system across core shipping functions. This upgrade has enabled seamless data integration and the development of modern data lake capabilities, which paves the way for improved reporting and data insights. This has positioned the company to accelerate its digitization journey

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