Automation Prototyping for Dry Bulk Operator


A large dry bulk operator sought to automate their operations workflows. The operator was dependent on a legacy ERP system and multiple third-party solution providers for post-fixture and operation process management. The team was spending more time maintaining Excel sheets and managing crisis, rather than optimizing voyages for a better bottom-line impact.


We analysed our client’s needs, identified the full spectrum of requirements, and conducted user interviews to understand the entire operations workflow. Two main issues were identified – reliance on manual processes and Excel sheets, and lack of a unified communication channel with external stakeholders, leading to sub-optimal decision-making, increased costs, productivity losses, and high claim incidents. Working with the client, we initiated a 2-week innovation sprint to define the minimum viable product (MVP), prioritizing business processes that could be automated quickly for maximum productivity gains.


A prototype of a unified workflow automation desk was delivered in less than a month, featuring real-time status of vessels on various user-defined parameters, a unified communication platform, and a decision support system for voyage optimization based on real-time port and schedule information.

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