Eva Rampazzo is an experienced and passionate professional in organizational change and transformations, known for her strategic acumen and ability to drive impactful transformations. With a proactive approach, Eva has successfully managed regulatory projects and product development within wholesale banking. Her global credentials encompass process management, project and program management, change management, shared services, off-shoring, and outsourcing. As a Black Belt certified professional in LEAN, Six Sigma, and creative thinking tools, Eva brings expertise in driving continuous improvement. She embodies systemic leadership principles, utilizing Visual Management Systems (VMS) and Gemba values to foster collaboration and sustainable change. Eva’s dedication to productive stakeholder engagement and her commitment to strategic execution make her a valuable asset in organizational change initiatives.

“With over 15 years of diverse experience in various roles within the shipping industry, including port agent, vessel operations, sales, customer service, and marketing responsibilities in different countries, I have gained invaluable firsthand knowledge. After exploring other industries, I am thrilled to be back in shipping, driven by my passion for the field and the opportunity to make a positive impact. Collaborating with an incredible team of like-minded individuals, I am eager to drive change, redefine industry standards, and shape the future of shipping”