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Process Captain

For Department Heads, Managers of Teams, Team Leader

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2 ½ days

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You will return back to your team with new energy and a process leadership tool box. You as teamlead will now be equipped to take control of your processes together with your team, and the team and you will be excited about the opportunities ahead of you. You will return and:
  • Be an ambassador and change agent for process management and process improvement.
  • Be comfortable introducing and leading your team with simple and powerful process management tools and concepts.
  • Have honed your facilitation skills and improved your communication style and skills.
  • Understand the process management lifecycle and the opportunities and challenges it brings.
  • Be able to ask the right questions based on Lean and Six Sigma theories, and initiate the right actions.
  • Identify opportunities based on data and feed the improvement catalog

If you don’t control the processes, the processes will control you! Lack of control leads to frustration, difficulties planning resources, wast, delays in inputs and outputs, collaboration challenges and upset customers.

With simple yet powerful tools and concepts you as team leader will be equipped to proactively control the processes together with your team and identify and manage process issues before they span out of control.

The 2,5 day course will give you the confidence to lead your team in new ways, and bring the team together for a common goal and purpose – Great processes and happy customers.

This course should in our book me mandatory for all new and even experience team leaders who lead teams and experience the daily frustration of things not working as planned.

You will invest 2,5 days with our trainers who have been leading teams themselves, and felt the pain and frustration of processes not behaving. They will take you through a learning journey that will transform the way you lead and manage your execution teams.

This training is in a ‘workshop environment’ with 6-10 participants. A group size which is optimal for learning, for sharing experiences and for the exercises that will get you ready to implement immediate improvements when back with your team.

The curriculum is based on our own experiences and what has proven to work best in a global shipping environment. It is limited theory and mostly practical exercises build on shipping relevant cases. An engaging, active and informal ‘workshop style’, and fun that will leave you energized and with a new network of likeminded leaders.

Open trainings are conducted at conference facilities with coffee/tea and lunch included, plus a team dinner on day 1. For corporate trainings, please contact us.

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