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Customer Experience Foundation in Shipping

Customer Service Teams and Agents

2 days classroom course

This 2-day program equips new customer service agents with the essential knowledge and skills to navigate customer interactions effectively.

CUSTOMER SUCCESS LEADERS - Leading Customer Experience Teams

Customer Service Managers

2 ½ days classroom course

This 2-day program equips customer service managers with the knowledge and skills to effectively lead and coach their teams in delivering exceptional customer experiences.

Sales Excellence in

Sales Representatives

3 ½ days classroom course

This 3½-day program equips you with the essential knowledge and skills to navigate this dynamic environment. You will gain a solid foundation in sales principles.

Process Management as a Competitive Lever

Executives, Senior Managers, Department Leaders

1-day classroom course

Upon completing this one-day course, you'll understand how Process Management can help and will be empowered to enhance process performance in your company.

Process Management and Continuous Improvement

Department Heads, Managers of Teams,Team Leaders

2 ½ days classroom course

In 2 ½ days your team leadership will be transformed. You will be trained in simple and powerful process management tools and concepts.

Improve Processes through Projects

Project Managers, Process Improvement Managers, Optimization Managers

1 week classroom course

In one week, you will be trained in the essential Lean Six Sigma tools relevant for shipping and when returning to the office be able to improve processes and lead the change.

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